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Strategies for consistency checking

Howard Bowman, Eerke Boiten, John Derrick, and Maarten Steen

Technical Report 12-95*, University of Kent, Computing Laboratory, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK, November 1995.


Viewpoint models of system development are becoming increasingly important. A major requirement for viewpoints modelling is to be able to check that the multiple viewpoint specifications are consistent with one another. The work presented in this report makes a contribution to this task. Our work is particularly influenced by the viewpoints model used in the ISO standardisation architecture for Open Distributed Processing.

This report focuses on the issue of strategies for consistency checking. In particular, it considers how global consistency (between any arbitrary number of viewpoints) can be obtained from binary consistency (between two viewpoints). The report documents a number of different classes of consistency checking, from those that are very poorly behaved to those that are very well behaved.

The report is intended as a companion to the work presented in [1] and it should be read in association with this document. In particular, the body of this report is a single chapter which should be viewed as additional to the chapters included in [1]. This report contains complete proofs of all relevant results, even though some of the results are obvious and some of the proofs are trivial. A much compressed version of the report is being submitted for publication. Thus, the main value of this report is as a reference document for readers who require a complete presentation of the technical.

[1] E. Boiten, H. Bowman, J. Derrick and M. Steen "Cross Viewpoint Consistency in Open Distributed Processing (Intra Language Consistency)", Technical Report, Computing Laboratory, University of Kent at Canterbury, report No. 8-95, 1995.

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