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Formal Specification and Testing of a Management Architecture

G. P. A. Fernandes and J. Derrick

In Aurel Lazar, Roberto Saracco, and Rolf Stadler, editors, Integrated Network Management V - Integrated management in a virtual world, pages 182-196, San Diego, California, USA, May 1997. IFIP/IEEE, Chapman & Hall.


The importance of network and distributed systems management to supply and maintain services required by users has led to a demand for management facilities. Open network management is assisted by representing the system resources to be managed as objects, and providing standard services and protocols for interrogating and manipulating these objects. This paper examines the application of formal description techniques to the specification of managed objects by presenting a case study in the specification and testing of a management architecture. We describe a formal specification of a management architecture suitable for scheduling and distributing services across nodes in a distributed system. In addition, we show how formal specifications can be used to generate conformance tests for the management architecture.

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