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Translating LOTOS to Object-Z

J. Derrick, E.A. Boiten, H. Bowman, and M. Steen

In D.J. Duke and A.S. Evans, editors, Northern Formal Methods Workshop, volume 2nd BCS-FACS Northern Formal Methods Workshop of Workshops in Computing, pages 182-196. Springer-Verlag, July 1997.


This paper presents a translation between the formal description technique LOTOS and the object-oriented specification language Object-Z. The need for such a translation lies in the use of formal methods in viewpoint specification, and in particular in the Open Distributed Processing standard. The use of viewpoints as a set of partial interlocking specifications brings an obligation to check the consistency of these partial specifications, and to do so we need to relate specifications written in differing languages. The work presented here supports the consistency checking of viewpoints written using formal methods by defining a translation from full LOTOS to Object-Z. A common semantic model is provided for the languages, and we verify the translation with respect to this model. The translation is illustrated with a small example.


Paper on BCS website; see also Translating LOTOS to Object-Z.

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