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On Encouraging Multiple Views for Visualization

Jonathan C. Roberts

In Ebad Banissi, Farzad Khosrowshahi, and Muhammad Sarfraz, editors, IV'98 - Proceedings International Conference on Information Visualization, pages 182-196. IEEE Computer Society, July 1998.


Visualization enables `seeing the unseen', and provides new insight into the underlying data. However, users far too easily believe or rely on a single representation of the data; this view may be a favourite method, the simplest to perform, or a method that has always been used! But, a single representation may generate a misinterpretation of the information or provide a situation where the user is missing the `richness' of the data content!

By displaying the data in multiple ways a user may understand the information through different perspectives, overcome possible misinterpretations and perform interactive investigative visualization through correlating the information between views. Thus, the use of multiple views of the same information should be encouraged.

We believe the visualization system itself should actively encourage the generation of multiple views by providing appropriate tools to aid in this operation. We present and categorise issues for encouraging multiple views and provide a framework for the generation, management and manipulation of such views.

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