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Viewpoint consistency in ODP

E.A. Boiten, H. Bowman, J. Derrick, P.F. Linington, and M.W.A. Steen

Computer Networks, 34(3):182-196, August 2000.


Open Distributed Processing (ODP) is a joint ITU/ISO standardisation framework for constructing distributed systems in a multi-vendor environment. Central to the ODP approach is the use of viewpoints for specification and design. Inherent in any viewpoint approach is the need to check and manage the consistency of viewpoints.

In previous work we have described techniques for consistency checking, refinement, and translation between viewpoint specifications, in particular for LOTOS and Z/Object-Z. Here we present an overview of our work, motivated by a case study combining these techniques in order to show consistency between viewpoints specified in LOTOS and Object-Z.

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