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Author Obliged to Submit Paper before 4 July: Policies in an Enterprise Specification

James Cole, John Derrick, Zoran Milosevic, and Kerry Raymond

In Morris Sloman, Jorge Lobo, and Emil Lupu, editors, Policies for Distributed Systems and Networks, volume 1995 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 182-196. Springer-Verlag, January 2001.



Specifying policies doesn't occur in splendid isolation but as part of refining an enterprise specification. The roles, the tasks, and the business processes of an ODP community provide the basic alphabet over which we write our policies. We illustrate this through exploring a conference programme committee case study. We discuss how we might formulate policies and show how policies are refined alongside the refinement of the overall system specification, developing notions of sufficiency and necessity. Policy delegation is also discussed and we categorise different forms of delegating an obligation.

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