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Formal Methods for Distributed Processing, A Survey of Object-oriented Approaches

H. Bowman and J. Derrick, editors

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, September 2001.


This book presents the current state of the art in the application of formal methods to object-based distributed systems. A major theme of the book is how to formally handle the new requirements arising from OO distributed systems, such as dynamic reconfiguration, encapsulation, subtyping, inheritance and real-time aspects. These may be supported either by enhancing existing notations, such as UML, LOTOS, SDL and Z, or by defining new notations, such as Actors, Pi-calculus and Ambients. The major specification notations and modelling techniques are introduced and compared by leading researchers, in several cases the inventors of the notations. The book also includes a description of approaches to the specification of nonfunctional requirements, which are typically needed in the specification of multimedia systems, and a discussion of security issues.

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