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ODP computational-to-information viewpoint mappings: a translation of CORBA IDL to Z

C.N. Taylor, E.A. Boiten, and J. Derrick

IEE Proceedings Software, 149(2):182-196, April 2002.


The reference model of Open Distributed Processing (ODP) prescribes the use of a number of viewpoints (i.e., partial specifications). Specifications written in these viewpoints are likely to use different notations, e.g. the Computational Viewpoint is likely to include descriptions given in CORBA IDL, whilst the Information Viewpoint might well use a schema-based notation such as Z. To support such a specification scenario in this paper we describe a translation from a subset of CORBA IDL to the Z specification notation, which has been implemented in a prototype translator based on the IDL parsing tool HaskellDirect. Although our main motivation is to integrate CORBA IDL into an existing multi-language framework for viewpoint specification and consistency checking, the translation could also serve as the basis for a reverse translation from a subset of Z into IDL. In addition, it will help support a translation into Z from IDL specifications augmented with Z annotations that express behavioural constraints not expressible in IDL itself.

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