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Design Support for Distributed Systems: DSE4DS

D.H. Akehurst, B. Bordbar, J. Derrick, and A.G. Waters

In J. Finney, M. Haahr, and A. Montressor, editors, Procedings of the 7th Cabernet Radicals Workshop, pages 182-196, October 2002.


Distributed System design is a highly complicated and non-trivial task. The problem is characterized by the need to design multi-threaded, multi-processor, and multi-media systems. Design frameworks such as Open Distributed Processing (ODP), the ITU/ISO standard, provide significant, theoretical, guidance and aids towards the provision of successful distributed system designs. The purpose of the DSE4DS project is to develop these theoretical aids into practical �design support� that will assist designers in the construction of distributed system specifications.

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