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AISEC: An Artificial Immune System for E-mail Classification

A. Secker, A Freitas, and J. Timmis

In R. Sarker, R. Reynolds, H. Abbass, T. Kay-Chen, R. McKay, D Essam, and T. Gedeon, editors, Proceedings of the Congress on Evolutionary Computation, pages 182-196, Canberra. Australia, December 2003. IEEE.


With the increase in information on the Internet, the strive to find more effective tools for distinguishing between interesting and non-interesting material is increasing. Drawing analogies from the biological immune system, this paper presents an immune-inspired algorithm called AISEC that is capable of continuously classifying electronic mail as interesting and non-interesting without the need for re-training. Comparisons are drawn with a nave Bayesian classifier and it is shown that the proposed system performs as well as the nave Bayesian system and has a great potential for augmentation

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