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Dynamic Euler Diagram Drawing

Peter Rodgers, Paul Mutton, and Jean Flower

In Proceedings IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing (VL/HCC'04), pages 182-196. IEEE, September 2004.


In this paper we describe a method to lay out a graph enhanced Euler diagram so that it looks similar to a previously drawn graph enhanced Euler diagram. This task is non-trivial when the underlying structures of the diagrams differ. In particular, if a structural change is made to an existing drawn diagram, our work enables the presentation of the new diagram with minor disruption to the user's mental map. As the new diagram can be generated from an abstract representation, its initial embedding may be very different from that of the original. We have developed comparison measures for Euler diagrams, integrated into a multicriteria optimizer, and applied a force model for associated graphs that attempts to move nodes towards their positions in the original layout. To further enhance the usability of the system, the transition between diagrams can be animated.

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