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Embedding OCL Expressions in YATL

Octavian Patrascoiu and Peter Rodgers

In Proceedings of the "OCL and Model Driven Engineering" wokshop, UML'04, pages 182-196, October 2004.


Modeling is a technique used extensively in industry to define software systems, the UML being the most prominent example. With the increased use of modeling techniques has come the desire to use model transformations. While the current OMG standards such as Unified Modeling Language (UML) and Meta Object Facility (MOF) provide a well-established foundation for defining models, no such well-established foundation exists for transforming models. The current paper describes how the OCL expressions are integrated in a transformation language called YATL (Yet Another Transformation Language) to provide support for model querying. The paper presents also the transformation environment and the main features of YATL.

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