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A Foreign Function Interface Generator for occam-pi

Damian J. Dimmich and Christan L. Jacobsen

In J. Broenink, H. Roebbers, J. Sunter, P. Welch, and D. Wood, editors, Communicating Process Architectures 2005, pages 182-196, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September 2005. IOS Press.


Abstract. occam-pi is a programming language based on the CSP process algebra and the pi-calculus, and has a powerful syntax for expressing concurrency. occam-pi does not however, come with interfaces to a broad range of standard libraries (such as those used for graphics or mathematics). Programmers wishing to use these must write their own wrappers using occam-pi?s foreign function interface, which can be tedious and time consuming. SWIG offers automatic generation of wrappers for libraries written in C and C++, allowing access to these for the target languages supported by SWIG. This paper describes the occam-pi module for SWIG, which will allow automatic wrapper generation for occam-pi, and will ensure that occam-pi?s library base can be grown in a quick and efficient manner. Access to database, graphics and hardware interfacing libraries can all be provided with relative ease when using SWIG to automate the bulk of the work.

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