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A cell transterpreter

Damian J. Dimmich, Christian L. Jacobsen, and Matthew C. Jadud

In P. H. Welch, J. Kerridge, and F.R.M Barnes, editors, Communicating Process Architectures 2006: WoTUG-29, volume 29 of Concurrent Systems Engineering, pages 182-196, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September 2006. WoTug, IOS Press.


The Cell Broadband Engine is a hybrid processor which consists of a PowerPC core and eight vector co-processors on a single die. Its unique design poses a number of language design and implementation challenges. To begin exploring these challenges, we have ported the \ttt to the Cell Broadband Engine. The \ttt is a small, portable runtime for concurrent languages and can be used as a platform for experimenting with language concepts. This paper describes a preliminary attempt at porting the \ttt runtime to the Cell Broadband Engine and explores ways to program it using a concurrent language.

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