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A family of real-time Java benchmarks

Tomas Kalibera, Jeff Hagelberg, Petr Maj, Filip Pizlo, Ben Titzer, and Jan Vitek

Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, 23(14):182-196, September 2011 [doi].


Java is becoming a viable platform for real-time computing. There are production and research real-time Java VMs, as well as applications in both the military and civil sectors. Technological advances and increased adoption of real-time Java contrast significantly with the lack of benchmarks. Existing benchmarks are either synthetic micro-benchmarks, or proprietary, making it difficult to independently verify and repeat reported results. This paper presents the CDx benchmark, a family of open-source implementations of the same application that target different real-time virtual machines. CDx is, at its core, a real-time benchmark with a single periodic task, which implements an idealized aircraft collision detection algorithm. The benchmark can be configured to use different sets of real-time features and comes with a number of workloads. It can be run on standard Java virtual machines, on real-time and Safety Critical Java virtual machine, and a C version is provided to compare with native performance.

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