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Interfacing C and occam-pi

F.R.M. Barnes

In J.F. Broenink, H.W. Roebbers, J.P.E. Sunter, P.H. Welch, and D.C. Wood, editors, Communicating Process Architectures 2005, volume 63 of Concurrent Systems Engineering Series, pages 182-196, IOS Press, The Netherlands, September 2005. IOS Press.


This paper describes an extension to the KRoC occam-pi system that allows processes programmed in C to participate in occam-pi style concurrency. The uses of this are wide-ranging, from providing low-level C processes running concurrently as part of an occam-pi network, through to concurrent systems programmed entirely in C. The easily extended API for C processes is based on the traditional Inmos C API, used also by CCSP, extended to cover new features of occampi. One of the motivations for this work is to ease the development of low-level network communication infrastructures. A library that provides for networking of channel-bundles over TCP/IP networks is presented, in addition to initial performance figures.

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