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Hitproto: a tool for the rapid prototyping of haptic interactions for haptic data visualization

Sabrina Paneels, Jonathan C. Roberts, and Peter J. Rodgers

In Haptics Symposium, pages 182-196. IEEE Computer Society Press, March 2010 [doi].


The use of haptic devices is becoming widespread, particularly with their growth in the home-games market and on mobile phones. Likewise, the number of haptic devices and APIs is increasing. However, it is still difficult to program and develop haptic applications. Consequently, there is a need to hide the complexity of programming a haptic application or interactions by providing prototyping tools or frameworks. In particular, one growing application area is haptic data visualization (also called haptification): the use of haptic devices to represent and realize information and data. This paper presents a visual prototyping tool for haptic interactions for data visualization. Users can easily and quickly create haptic interactions through a visual programming interface with tunable parameters. This paper also presents a user evaluation aimed at demonstrating that non-programmers can create simple haptic interactions and which also indicates potential improvements to the tool.

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