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Attendance at Examinations is compulsory. If you have to miss an examination you must seek permission to be absent in advance from the Senior Tutor (Janet Carter for Canterbury, Yang He for Medway). Permission will only be given in the case of serious illness or grave and exceptional misfortune.

If you do miss an exam unexpectedly you need to inform your tutor and the Student Administration Office, and provide the reason as soon as possible and no later than five working days after the examination, using the official concessions form (see link below to Concessions Procedures). Having already passed the module because of good coursework marks is NOT a valid reason to miss an exam. Neither is misreading the timetable.

If you are ill on the day of an exam you should make an appointment to see your GP. Usually you need to be ill for at least a week before a GP will write us a letter, but this time limit does not apply during the examination period.

If you are travelling into campus for an exam and there is an accident that closes the road or severely delays you please tell us as soon as possible. The sooner you tell us the more likely we are able to verify your claim. If you arrive late you should still report to the Examinations Hall.

Boards of Examiners are able to consider evidence of illness or other problems but only when these are properly documented in the manner described above. Concessionary circumstances which are not brought to the attention of a Board of Examiners through concessions procedures at the appropriate time may not be considered as part of any later appeal process.

Further information relating to examinations is avaliable via the links below. Any queries may be directed to the Course Administration Office.

Further exam information


Information on concessions, intermission and withdrawal

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