Disciplinary Commons: Portfolios

Participant Portfolio
1st June 2007
Portfolio Label Retrospective
19th February 2010
James Bown
(Abertay Dundee)
Portfolio Label
Mark Ratcliffe
CS12230 Introductory Programming Label
Pete Bibby
PD1 – Programming and Design 1 Label
Michael Jones
Portfolio Label Retrospective Narrative
Thomas Lancaster
(Central England)
A1J - Software Design Label
Stephan Jamieson
Quintin Cutts
Teaching Portfolio: CS-1P Label Retrospective Narrative
Vicky Bush
Introductory Programming Label
David Barnes
A Personal Portfolio covering an ITP Module Label
Tony Jenkins
Tony's ITP Portfolio Label
Dermot Shinners-Kennedy
Phil Campbell
(London South Bank)
Monika Seisenberger
Portfolio on the course Introduction to Computing Label
Chris Whyley
A Course Portfolio for CS-141, Principles and Practice of Programming Label Retrospective Narrative
Linda White
Teaching Introductory Programming Label
Dimitar Kazakov
Introduction to Programming Portfolio Label Retrospective Narrative
Sally Fincher
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