IFIP WG2.4  (Peter Welch's page)

Baden (January, 2005):

  • Abstract: Freezing Mobile Processes: an Introduction to occam-pi
  • Slides: Powerpoint, PDF (1 per page)  (4 per page - but with some colours lost?)
  • Santa Cruz (August, 2003):

  • Abstract: Communicating Mobile Processes
  • Slides: Powerpoint, PDF (1 per page) (2 per page) (6 per page)
  • Dagstuhl (November, 2002):

  • Abstract: Communicating Processes, Safety and Dynamics: the New occam
  • Slides: Powerpoint, PDF (1 per page) (2 per page) (6 per page)
  • Papers: Prioritised Dynamic Communicating Processes - Part I & Part II
  • Auxilliary paper: Mobile Data, Dynamic Allocation, Zero Aliasing  (Powerpoint)
  • Simon's Town (March, 2002):

  • Abstract: CSP Networking for Java (JCSP.net)
  • Slides: Powerpoint, PDF (1 per page) (2 per page) (6 per page)
  • Paper: Cluster Computing and JCSP Networking
  • San Miniato (May, 2001):

  • Abstract: Communicating Processes, Components and Scaleable Systems
  • Slides: Powerpoint, PDF (1 per page) (2 per page) (6 per page)


    Related links:

  • the occam compiler, run-time kernel and libraries for Linux/Pentium (full GPL open source donwload, 80 nanoseconds process context switch on an 800 MHz P3, occam web-server design + sources and performance).
  • the CSP-for-Java (JCSP) package library (download, on-line documentation, motivation and various support materials).
  • the JCSP/J# Networking Edition (from Quickstone).
  • oScript: a proposal for an occam-like scripting language.
  • paper: "RMoX - a Raw Metal occam eXperiment"; Fred Barnes, Christian Jacobsen and Brian Vinter; abstract; slides.
  • paper: "Flexible, Transparent and Dynamic occam Networking With KRoC.net"; Mario Schweigler, Fred Barnes and Peter Welch; abstract; slides (PPT), slides (PDF, 1-up), slides (PDF, 6-up), bibtex-ref.
  • paper: "occwserv - an occam Web Server"; Fred Barnes; abstract; slides.
  • Communicating Process Architecture conferences: CPA 2003, CPA 2002. CPA 2001, CPA 2000 websites.
  • the "Process Oriented Design for Java: Concurrency for All" tutorial webpage, PDPTA 2001, Las Vegas, USA (24th. June, 2001).
  • the WoTUG home page. WoTUG is the umbrella organisation nehind the CPA series of conferences.
  • the Concurrency Research Group within the Computing Laboratory of the University of Kent at Canterbury.
  • my web page - gives full set of contact details and points to the CRG (see last bullet).  Otherwise, doesn't say a lot right now ... but does have a nice photo from only a dozen or so years ago ...
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    Updated: 11th. January, 2005.