TFPIE 2017 schedule


9:00–10:00 Keynote: Heather Miller of EFPL and Northeastern University. Heather works on and around the Scala programming language and is Executive Director of the Scala Center. slides

10:00–10:30 Yann Régis-Gianas and Benjamin Canou MOOC on OCaml slides online demo

11:00–11:30 Stephen Adams. Learning Erlang Socially Over the Internet: An Experience Report paper slides

11:30–12:00 Jeremy Singer and Blair Archibald. Functional Baby Talk: Analysis of Code Fragments from Novice Haskell Programmers paper slides

12:00–12:30 Round table discussion including Heather, the OCaml MOOC team, Jeremy Singer, and Simon Thompson (Erlang). Notes by Elena Machkasova

12:30–13:45 Lunch

Functional programming and online learning

13:45–14:30 Best lecture by Colin Runciman Purely Functional Queues paper slides

14:30–15:00 Marco T. Morazan. Vector Programming Using Structural Recursion paper slides

15:00–15:30 Curtis d'Alves, Tanya Bouman, Christopher Schankula, Jenell Hogg, Levin Noronha, Emily Horsman, Rumsha Siddiqui and Christopher K. Anand. Using Elm to Introduce Algebraic Thinking to K-8 Students paper slides

16:00–16:30 Hans-Wolfgang Loidl, Phil Barker and Sanusi Usman. Enhancing the Learning Experience on Programming-focused Courses via Electronic Assessment Tools paper slides

16:30–17:00 Juan Carlos Saenz-Carrasco and Mike Stannett. Overcoming Non Distributivity: A Case Study in Functional Programming paper slides

17:00–17:30 Lightning talks

  1. Elena Machkasova: Clojurebridge: volunteer approach to increasing gender diversity slides

  2. Joanna Sharrad: Teaching Functional Programming should start earlier! slides

TFPIE regular programme