University of Kent
Computing Laboratory

	  EWMDA-2, Sept 2004

Second European Workshop on Model Driven Architecture (MDA)
with an emphasis on Methodologies and Transformations
September 7th-8th 2004, Canterbury, England







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Programme (pdf)

Day 1 7th September

Format for Paper presentation sessions:
20 mins presentation per paper, with 30mins for general discussion (and over run by presenters).

9:00   : Welcome

9:15   : Keynote

Tracy Gardener

If model transformation is the answer, what was the question?

This talk will set out the problem domain for model transformation and introduce a set of use cases for transformation including model differencing, pattern expansion, model merging and weaving, alternate views and generation of platform specific artefacts from a platform independent model. The talk will also discuss where model transformation fits into the development process and who we can expect to be building and using model transformations.

10:30 : Coffee

11:00 : Session 1


Why IT veterans are sceptical about MDA

What do we do with re-use in MDA


Costs and Benefits of Multiple Levels of Models in MDA Development

M3 Neutral Infrastructure for Systems Engineering

12:30 : Lunch

1:30   : Session 2


Typing Relationships in MDA

OMELET: Exploiting Meta-Models as Type Systems

A Metamodel Kernel for Transformation Engines


A formal MDA approach for mobile health systems

Composition rules for PIM models reuse

MDA-Driven Development of standard-compliant OSS components: ...

3:00   : Coffee

3:30   : Discussion about Day 2

ask for participants input on Issues to be discussed, take suggestions for extra Issues.

4:00   : Session 3


ADT: Eclipse development tools for ATL

Model-Driven Testing with UML 2,0

Model Abstraction versus Model to Text Transformation


Enterprise Change Methodology with MDA

Enterprise MDA or How Enterprise Systems Will Be Built

Relating MDA and inter-enterprise collaboration management

Day 2 8th September

Topics for and number of Breakout groups to be confirmed on Day 1.

9:00   : Breakout 1

Issue A1

Lossy Transformations.
(presentation, report)


Issue A2

MDA is the wrong answer.
(presentation, report)


Issue A3

Metamodels for existing Languages
(presentation, report)


10:30 : Coffee

11:00 : Report and Discussion Issues A1..A?

12:15 : Lunch

1:15   : Breakout 2

Issue B1

Typing Relationships.
(presentation, report)


Issue B2

MDA and reuse.
(presentation, report)


Issue B3

How to Sell it.
(presentation, report)


2:45 : Coffee

3:15 : Report and Discussion Issues B1..B?

4:30 : Close

Other Papers

MDA and Real-Time Java: The HIDOORS Project

Middleware Unaware Software Development and Interoperability using MDA

Practical Model Driven Development process

New roles in Model-Driven Development

Memops: Data modeling and automatic code generation in ...

MOLA Language: Methodology Sketch

Automated Generation of Metamodels for Web service Languages