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What database servers can I use?

There are two main database servers:

  • Penguin - a PostgreSQL database server.
  • Dragon - a MySQL database server.

Both servers are used on taught courses, and can also be used for project work.

How do I get a database?

If a database is required for a taught module then it will usually be created automatically. However, sometimes this is missed, so please check with us or your lecturer if you don't have one.

If you already have a database, normally named after your login, then a new one won't be given for each module that needs it. If you've lost the details for your database then resetting your password will resend the connection details to you.

If you require a database for a project, or require a separate database from your personal one for group work, then please contact us for assistance.

How do I reset my database password?

Please select the appropriate link below to reset your database password. You will need to log in using your Kent username and password.

How do I connect to my database from Linux?

Our servers, such as raptor, already have the tools required to connect to the database servers. You'll just need to run the correct command from the terminal to connect:

  • PostgreSQL: psql -h username dbname
  • MySQL: mysql -h -u username -p dbname

The correct command is also sent in the password reset email.

The webserver has PHP installed with the required modules for making database connections to both servers.

If you're using your own computer then you will need to ensure the database client software is installed first.

Can I connect to my database from off-campus?

The database servers are not directly accessible outside of the University network. To connect to them you must use the University VPN.

Are there any database management tools available?

We don't provide any database management tools other than the command line ones available on the Linux servers. However, these are standard database servers, so client applications that you can find online will work fine with these servers.

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