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Problems Logging In / Authenticating / Mapping a Network Drive

Why can't I log in to raptor etc. using Putty or WinSCP?

If you're trying to log into a School of Computing server using a ssh client such as WinSCP, PuTTY or ssh and you're getting a message which implies you're using the wrong login or password, then it's likely you've not set your Unix password.

You have a separate password for the School of Computing servers. This is not used for mapping a network drive under Windows (where you should use your Kent Windows password), but it is used when you log into the server using (for example) PuTTY or WinSCP.

If you haven't set up your Unix password then you can do so by visiting

If the above page doesn't work for you then you may not have access to the School of Computing servers. If you're a Computing student this is probably a mistake, so please get in touch with us to get it sorted out.

Why does the server not prompt for a password when connecting with ssh from off campus?

To improve the security of University systems we no longer allow direct login with a password to our SSH servers from off campus. You can still log in with an ssh key, or you can make use of the University VPN to log in with a password.

Why can't I map the network drive from my own PC?

There are two common causes of this problem.

The first thing to check is that you're using your fully qualified logon name. If your logon is (for example) abc1 then you need to quote it as UKC\abc1

If you are quoting your login complete with the UKC\ then perhaps a firewall on your machine is getting in the way? If you're running ZoneAlarm for example, then try switching it off briefly and see if that fixes the problem.

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