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What remote filestore is available to me?

Your Unix home directory is available for use as a networked drive on your PC. Unlike local filestore on your PC, this filestore is backed up every night and should the worst happen and you lose something important, you can ask us to restore it.

These shares also give you access to project areas which may contain course materials and separate areas for coursework submissions.

  • undergraduates and taught postgraduates should map: \\\exports
  • staff and research postgraduates map: \\\exports

Note: that if you are mapping this on a machine that is not part of the Kent Windows Domain, then you will be asked for your Windows password. You MUST also ensure that you fully qualify the host entry so that you enter, for example,, and that you put UKC\ in front of your username.

How much filestore quota do I get?

This varies dependant on your Unix host:

User type Host Quota
Undergraduates and taught postgraduates raptor 10GB
Research postgraduates myrtle (csresws) 100GB (*)
Staff myrtle (csresws) 100GB (*)
HPC User Hydra cluster 500GB

(*) This is very flexible within reason. We ask you to be sensible and not put large amounts of data on csresws unnecessarily. We do periodically check to see who is using large amounts of space and will ask you to tidy if things are getting unreasonable.

Where quota restrictions are in place you can request more quota and we will try and accommodate your needs. If a large amount of disk space is needed (for a project for example) we may request confirmation from your project supervisor.

Before you ask for more quota you should first check that you can't accommodate your needs by tidying your existing filestore.

So how do I map the available filestore?


Select Computer from the start menu and click on Map Network Drive in the window that opens. Choose a spare drive letter, and for the folder enter: \\\exports to mount raptor filestore.

If your machine is not part of the UKC domain (unlikely unless you are a member of staff) you will need to use the option to "connect using a different username" for which you enter your login as UKC\login and then use your Kent Windows password.

Mac OS X

In the Finder do a Command+K, then enter: smb:// at the prompt enter your login (replacing 'yourlogin' with your Kent login) as: UKC\yourlogin and your Kent Windows password.

Clicking the + button will then add this server to the favourites.

From off campus

If you are not on a campus network you MUST use the University VPN service so that you can access the filestore.

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