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Where are the printers in the School of Computing for Staff and Research Postgraduates?

Staff and research postgraduates can print to the print queue \\staffprint\staff and then release the print job on the printers in rooms S119, SW17, SW12, S110B, or any staff printer at Canterbury or Medway.

Large Format Printing

Additionally there is an A1 colour inkjet printer suitable for posters, however this is not generally accessible so please contact us about having your poster printed.

Where are the printers in the School of Computing for Undergraduates and Taught Postgraduates?

There is a printer in SW12 for undergraduates and one in S110B for taught postgraduates. Both printers are part of the University's Print system which is documented here. These work in exactly the same way as other student printers, such as those in the library.

How do I access the printers?

Members of staff and research postgraduates should add the print queue \\staffprint\staff (the queue called 'staff' on the print server called 'staffprint'). If you are a taught postgraduates or undergraduate using a University computer then you should find that the default printer on the machine is already set to a sensible default.

Windows or Mac Users

If you are staff or a research postgraduate then set up the queue \\staffprint\staff using the information here.

Unix Users

You can print to the printer directly from School of Computing managed Unix machines (myrtle, raptor etc.) using the command: lp -d printername

Linux Users

One of our users provided the following instructions for Debian/Ubuntu Linux.

First install the required packages:

sudo apt install hplip smbclient

Add a printer to CUPS with the following configuration:

 <Printer staff>
 PrinterId 7
 UUID urn:uuid:c8d93d01-fd01-34c9-764e-313ee4b3c194
 AuthInfoRequired username,password
 MakeModel HP LaserJet MFP E87640-50-60 Postscript (recommended)
 DeviceURI smb://ukc/sjc205:REDACTED@staffprint/staff
 State Idle
 StateTime 1570698000
 ConfigTime 1570697985
 Type 8433884
 Accepting Yes
 Shared No
 JobSheets none none
 QuotaPeriod 0
 PageLimit 0
 KLimit 0
 OpPolicy default
 ErrorPolicy retry-job

Important details:

  • Modify /etc/cups/printers.conf only when cups is stopped.
  • sudo systemctl stop cups.service
  • sudo systemctl start cups.service
  • Modify DeviceURI to have your username and password, or omit it if you prefer to enter it each time you print
  • The AuthInfoRequired string is not default, but printing fails if I negotiate it
  • The make and model is different to what IS suggest, but is exactly what the printer itself reports.
  • On first attempt to print you will be prompted for your Kent password. Don't forget to tick remember.

They advise against using the HP instructions and recommend the apt package instead.

How do I delete a print job?

Log into the website and delete print jobs from there. You will find you can also send a print job to a particular printer using this interface – useful when printing a large or slow job.

There is a fault on the printer, what should I do?

Out of toner

Please contact the Information Services helpdesk, they can be emailed at:

Any other problems

Please contact the Information Services helpdesk at or the School of Computing Systems Group.

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