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Why would I want to use Unix?

Some people find Unix a preferable system to use over Windows.

It can also be useful to have skills in using multiple operating systems, especially when applying for a job.

What Unix version do we use?

After a long history running Sun Solaris on Sun hardware, we've now migrated to Ubuntu Linux. We use the latest LTS version when building a system, and upgrade before they reach end of life. So typically there are two different versions in use.

How do I get my Unix account created?

Usually it is created automatically.

However you will need to set up your password.

We have instructions for this here.

How do I log into Unix systems?

Most people would use a client like Putty to connect to a Unix host from a Windows PC. From a Mac the ssh command can be used in a Terminal window.

Undergraduates can also make use of the Linux desktops available in SW12 to access a Unix system.

What Unix hosts are available for my use?

Undergraduates and taught postgraduates get an account on raptor and staff and research postgraduates have an account on myrtle.

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