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Systems Support: Shares

Shares available to Windows users

The CS UNIX machines export parts of their filestore as a Windows share called simply exports.

So, for example, to access the exports on raptor, map the share


and to access exports on myrtle, map


Operating Systems other than Windows

Information on mapping this filestore under Linux and Mac OS X can be found here.

On your own computer

If you're connecting from your own machine you will likely need to give your username as UKC\yourlogin and use your Kent password. On most University machines you won't be asked to authenticate at all.

What's Available

Below \\*host*\exports you will find most or all of the following folders:

Folder Description
home Your home folder on this machine. Usual disk quota is 1GB.
proj Folders for project work.
courses Files to support course work; placed there by teaching staff.


When you create a file or folder via the exports share, it inherits its permissions from the containing folder. In simple terms this means that (for example) files created below group-writable areas (such as group areas below \\*host*\exports\proj) are themselves group-writable.

This is usually what you want. In the cases where that's not what you want, use right-mouse-button->Properties->Security on the file or folder and change the permissions there.

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