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Project Areas

How can I access project areas when I am not on campus?

You can access project areas from offsite in two ways:

Using SCP or SFTP

Use scp to copy the files directly to the directory on raptor. So if you are using a Unix-like system you could do:

scp myfile mylogin@raptor:/proj/coXYZ/mylogin/

If you are using Windows we'd recommend trying WinSCP, although any client that supports SCP or SFTP will work. It will allow you to drag and drop the files into your areas using a interface similar to Windows Explorer.

Using the VPN

This is probably an easier if you want the same experience that you get on-campus. You can apply for VPN access here. This service is supported by Information Services.

What project areas are available to me?

Project areas are set up on your Unix host (raptor) so you can submit course work and collaborate on group projects.

If you are logged into raptor these are available under: /proj/

From Windows or other systems mounting your Unix file store raptor/exports for example, you will have a folder called: proj

In this area are folders for most modules, ie. CO528.

Within these folders we will create submission areas as requested by the lecturers for assessments. For example if your login as abc1, and you were taking co528 and there was an assessment1, there would be a Unix path: /proj/co528/assessment1/abc1/

You should place my work for the assessment in that folder. Note that these areas are closed automatically at the deadline so that your work is submitted.

In some cases where you work in groups (CO600 for example), you would be given a group name (group1) and so the path would look like: /proj/co600/project/group1/

So you and other members of your group could submit work there.

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